Meet the Medical Providers at Sherwood Family Medicine

Carrie Jones, ND

SFM: Naturopathic Medical Director

Dr. Jones is a well published medical author and speaker.  Keep up to date with her wealth of information by following her blog!

Dr. Carrie Jones is the Naturopathic Medical Director at SFM.  Besides caring for patients, she oversees the naturopathic training of all our providers and staff and oversees the naturopathic care that is provided in our clinic. 

Prior to joining SFM, Dr. Jones was in a successful private practice for several years in Tigard. Dr. Jones is also an adjunct faculty at the National College of Natural Medicine here in Portland. 

She is currently accepting new patients from puberty and up and appreciates all your referrals of new patients. She functions as a primary care physician for many of her patients. Patients can choose to have Dr. Jones as their primary care provider, or they can choose to see her on an as needed basis to integrate her naturopathic care with their medical care.

“I do not believe in treating disease only.   People walk through my door, not disease. The body has an amazing ability to self-heal yet sometimes, it needs a little support and direction. This is where I come in."

Dr. Carrie Jones

Dr. Jones sees both men and women.  She did, however, receive additional training in women’s health and hormone balance.

A recent testimonial states: 

"Dr. Jones validated every concern Courtney had, educated us on changes to make, nourished her with logic and compassion, and treated her with the care of a friend.  She patiently worked with her until each symptom had gone. Symptoms that 3 other doctors claimed were normal or misdisdiagnosed, were no longer present.  Three other doctors said, "It's bad luck, these things happen, just try again."  After 2 successful births, to lose the next three was not bad luck...After balancing hormone levels and finding and fixing her Hashimotos condition with a gluten free diet, my wife began to feel healthy and happy again.  Me and the kids felt like we'd got our wife and mother back. My wife decided to try one last time to fill the empty void of loss.  We filled that void July 2011.  The nine months of pregnancy were perfect without a single complication.  No joint pain, and a very mild pregnancy.  Her entire body seemed to agree it was time.  We thank Dr. Jones for helping us restore Cortney's confidence and health.  She helped changed the course of our lives.

-Gabe and Cortney Grossman.

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Dr. Jones sees age range 14 and above and focuses her practice on:

  • Women's health and hormone balance and the use of bio-identical hormones
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Thryoid Disorders including expert on Hashimotos Thyroiditis
  • Food Intolerance blood testing for food allergies and sensitivities
  • Celiac Disease - she is an expert in hard to diagnose cases of celiac.  If you think you're celiac and aeren't satisfied with the answers you're getting, see Dr. Jones.  She uses the latest scientific researched criteria in line with the Mayo Clinic to help get the diagnosis right! 
  • Fertility focusing on holistic and hormonal work up relating to fertility issues
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome utlizing the latest food intolerance, gut function, and infectious testing
  • Brain neurotransmitter testing and the use of amino acid therapy and supplements to help psychiatric symptoms
  • Homeopathy & Flower essense
  • Detox and Clenses -she's familiar and very supportive of patient's use of them
  • Mayan Massage for uterine cramps and fertility issues
  • ** Dr. Jones does not treat musculoskeletal (acute injuries, breaks and sprains). She refers to the other providers in our clinic for these types of injuries.

“Great health doesn’t happen overnight but you have the ability to achieve some amazing results. Naturopathic medicine has so much to offer and so much of it is scientific based and research based. I feel fortunate to be part of such an amazing field. I love taking the latest and greatest in naturopathic medicine and bring that to my patients.  Take that and integrate it with medical therapies with the other providers in the clinic and you’ve got a whole new approach to holistic health!”

Dr. Jones uses a variety of treatments that include herbal medicine, vitamins, minerals and nutritional support, homeopathic remedies, amino acid support, bioidentical hormones, and prescribes medications when necessary. Her naturopathic license allows her to run lab work, order imaging (such as mammograms), and perform exams like a pap smear or ear infection check. She also has a DEA license which enables her to write medical prescriptions when necessary.

Dr. Jones graduated from the National College of Natural Medicine, School of Naturopathic Medicine located in Portland, Oregon where she is currently an Adjunct Faculty. She completed a 2 year residency in advanced women’s health, gynecology, and hormones. Currently she is co-authoring a book on HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) and Cervical Dysplasia/Cervical Cancer and frequently writes and lectures on the subject of women’s health.

She lives in Lake Oswego with her dog,Parker. She enjoys traveling and visiting the ocean from all over the world, visiting wine country, reading, and soaking up vitamin D the old fashion way.  She’s a self professed medical journal junkie and combs the latest research articles. We call her our "medical geek."  As the Naturopathic Medical Director here at SFM, Dr. Jones ensures that other providers and the staff receive training on the latest in holistic health. 

Naturopathic Physicians (N.D.) are primary care practitioners trained as specialist in natural medicine.  They are educated in conventional medical sciences, but are not orthodox medical doctors (allopathic physicians, or M.D.). A Naturopathic Physician has a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine degree from a four-year graduate level naturopathic medical college with admission requirements comparable to those of conventional medical schools.  Some naturopathic physicians choose not to prescribe medications, all naturopathic physicians here train and have received their DEA License to prescribe medications.  They are also trained and qualified to order medical labs and radiological studies.