Say Yes to Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a personalized, systems-oriented model that empowers patients and practitioners to achieve the highest expression of health by working in collaboration to address the underlying causes of disease.” - functionalmedicine.org

Dr. Maggie Yu spends time with her patients, looking for the interaction of many factors that influence the overall function of the whole person

  • Office visits usually last 45 minutes to an hour.
  • A holistic nutritional therapist/health coach works as part of your team to provide a truly integrated approach to your health. She actively coaches you during most if not all of your visits.
  • After the visits, 24-hour access through our patient portal. Dr. Yu and your nutritionist responds directly to you via the portal to continue the collaboration.
  • We provide the latest in functional medicine testing including hormones, thyroid, adrenal, genetic, and nutritional testing to get to the underlying causes of disease.
  • Web Visits: Got a busy schedule or living out of state? We work with patients and many insurances to allow for face to face visits via the web on your computer or smart phone. We work with you while you travel or cannot come in physically to the office.

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Functional Medicine Services

Hormone Balance

We focus on the balance of male and female hormones. We are experts in the use of bio-identical hormones. We use saliva, urine and blood testing. We include adrenal, thyroid, and vitamin testing that is essential for a comprehensive evaluation. We take your hormonal health very seriously because we know it’s often ignored by other practices. We know that when hormones are balanced, it can change your life.

Food Intolerance & Gut Health

One focus of our practice is on children and adults with food allergies or intolerance, or difficult to figure out symptoms. We focus on irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease diagnosis and treatment, inflammatory bowel disease, and leaky gut. We are trained and experienced in using low dose naltrexone for Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s with great success, thereby eliminating or lowering the use of other drugs. We help patients sort out what is the cause and effect of their symptoms so they don’t have to figure out for themselves if they need to follow AIP, FODMAPS, GAPS, SCD, low salicylate, oxalate and other diets. We take the guess work out with clear, concise, data driven answers.

Adrenal Fatigue

We focus on adrenal function as a cornerstone of health and we use urine or salivary testing to diagnose your adrenal pattern properly so that we can get to the root causes of your fatigue or other health issues. It is often an underlying cause of many hormonal, thyroid, and psychiatric symptoms.

Pediatric Care

We focus on food intolerance, allergies, asthma, behavioral issues, brain neurotransmitter testing, treatment of autism and ADD spectrum disorders, MTHFR mutations, and pyroluria. We see from newborns and above.

Cardiovascular Care

Diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and heart disease. We provide a comprehensive approach which includes the latest in medical testing to evaluate lipoproteins, genetic markers, and biomarkers, taking preventative screening and treatment to the next level. We do more here than a typical endocrine or cardiology office because we take the time and do the testing necessary to change lives.

Thyroid & Hashimoto’s

We focus on the thyroid especially Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroiditis because it is the most common form of low thyroid, yet it is often ignored by other practices. We know Hashimoto’s is a multi-systemic autoimmune disease, treating it as an autoimmune disease and educating patients about it has changed lives. For us, treating thyroid is not just about writing a prescription. It is about going deeper to figure out the real reasons for the imbalances and helping you take steps towards healing.


Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma. We offer comprehensive environmental and food allergy blood testing which studies show gives us more information than skin testing.


We focus on the diagnosis and treatment of most psychiatric symptoms. We don’t just write prescriptions. Unlike other practices, we offer testing of brain neurotransmitters. This targets specific natural or medical treatments, helping to correct imbalances that may contribute to your symptoms. We support hormone, vitamin, and dietary & amino acid support for mental health.

Functional Vitamin Testing

We know many lab tests only measure what you ate or took that day in your blood, not what is being incorporated and used by your cells. That’s why we offer blood tests that actually measure the amount of each vitamin inside your cells. Now that’s useful information! Plus, many insurances cover it through our office.


Dr. Maggie ROCKS!!! I felt listened to, understood AND heard! Not a very common experience from a provider! Feeling grateful! Thank You!!! - Tony

Excellent service and attention to detail by all I encountered, from front office staff to nurses and Doctor. - Jennifer

I so appreciate the time that Dr. Yu spends with me to explain test results. I never feel rushed out the door! – Linda

I have been a patient of Dr. Maggie Yu for over a year and ever so thankful for the overall CARE I have received from the very first appointment. I had experienced so much disappointment and utter frustration in numerous doctors/specialists over the last several years. I had to be my own self advocate over and over again! Dr Yu is a "GIFT" who validated and medically has helped significantly with my Hypothyroidism Hashimoto's autoimmune disease. – Priscilla

I've been a patient of Dr Yu for several years. She has been very helpful in unraveling and deepening my understanding of my complex chronic conditions. My increased quality of life is worth the investment. - Christine

I have been a patient of Dr. Yu's for many years. I am healthier than I have ever been, I have been able to get off almost all medications and I feel I owe my health to finding Dr. Yu. I had a lot of hard work to do, but she was 100% supportive of me on my wellness journey. I always recommend this practice. I have never been disappointed. -Kathryn

I am a cancer patient with complications from chemotherapy and a thyroid patient. Dr Yu knew exactly what was wrong and how to treat me. What five doctors and an emergency hospital stay could not do, she diagnosed in one visit. I have been getting better and she has helped me understand what is happening in my body. She takes on more naturopath approach that is so much better, she even gave me back my sex life! - Jennifer

Dr. Maggie Yu cares about her patients. I've needed to see her twice this week from a home accident I had. For both visits I was seen quickly. Dr. Yu is a real pro, and I get the strong feeling that she cares deeply about her work. - John

I have finally found a medical practice where I get the help I need. The entire staff is so friendly. Everyone treats you like a real person. When I have an appointment, I feel like I'm visiting friends. Dr. Yu has given me the help I need with my many health issues. I love that she has knowledge of alternative medicine, as well. I had never heard of concierge medicine before, but I am now a fan! - Trina